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3 October 2018

Easyjet: Christmas and New Year in Paris from Krakow for € 49 both ways

The British low cost airline Easyjet is offering low prices for many flights from Poland to Europe. So, for example, flying from Krakow to the main airport of Paris during Christmas and New Year will turn out for 49 euros in both directions. Only handluggage is included.

Airline Easyjet adds a fee of 20 euros for each booking, so if you are traveling with friends, we recommend to book tickets at the same time.

Example of booking flights from Krakow to Paris Charles de Gaulle for 98 euros for two (49 euros per person).

A great opportunity to fulfill an old dream and meet the New Year overlooking the Parisian rooftops. In addition, the carrier has many options available for flights from Krakow to Paris for 12 euros one way in December.

Here’s an example of booking a flight from Krakow to Paris for four people for 199 euros (50 euros per person) in November-December.

Book on the official website – easyjet.com

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